Our spray tanning room and sunbeds are based on the first floor of our beauty salon in Borehamwood. We also offer Red Light Therapy - a new process for healthier skin, see our special services page for more information.

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Fake Bake Spray Tan



Lay down and stand up available.

1 minute

3 minute

6 minute

9 minute

12 minute







1 hour

2 hours




Red light therapy

20 minutes




Buy 12 sessions for the price of 10*

*ask in the salon for more information.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is a safe, all natural process that encourages your body to naturally produce enzymes, elastin fibres and collagen that support the skin’s structure. This produces younger, firmer and smoother feeling skin. Infrared light technology has been extensively researched and used by NASA, National Institutes of Health, and many more worldwide.

•Makes your skin look and feel younger

•Effective treatment for acne

•Restores moisture to the skin

•Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

•Eliminates stretch marks in most clients

•Effective for psoriasis and eczema

•Evens out pigmentation

For more information about Red Light Therapy please click here.